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Arts @ Holy Trinity is celebrating its 40th Anniversary!  Over the past four decades, this annual concert series has presented a wide range of musical styles and talents, attracting nationally/internationally renowned, award nominated/winning performance artists … all free of charge.  Over the past seven seasons, Arts @ Holy Trinity has also provided outreach opportunities in the local community to foster the growth of the performing arts.

The 4,551 pipe organ has been the focal instrument for most concerts held over the past 40 years.  To ensure this magnificent instrument will continue to inspire and uplift both audiences and organists for another 40 years, we invite you to ‘Sponsor a Pipe’ with a donation of $40 per pipe or ‘Sponsor an Octave of Pipes’ with a donation of $480. There are 4,551 organ pipes, so you are invited to sponsor as many as you like! 

Checks can be made payable to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and mailed to 50 N. Prospect Street, Akron, Ohio  44304.  Please note ‘Sponsor a Pipe’ in the memo line.  Donors will be listed in concert programs.

All donations received will support the Arts @ Holy Trinity Concert Series and the ongoing maintenance of the organ.  Thank you for your generous support!

You can 'Sponsor a Pipe' with a donation of $40 per pipe.  Donors will be listed in concert programs.

You can 'Sponsor an Octave of Pipes' with a donation of $480 per octave.  Donors will be listed in concert programs.

About Holy Trinity’s Pipe Organ

In 1915 F.A. Seiberling, co-founder of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, purchased an organ from the M.P. Moeller Pipe Organ Company for installation in the sanctuary of the new building of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in memory of his parents, John & Catherine Seiberling, themselves charter members of the church. Portions of the original instrument still function as part of the organ today. The Seiberling family cared deeply about celebrating and sharing the best of the arts with people in their community. We continue that tradition with our Arts @ Holy Trinity Concert Series. In the early 1980s, the Berghaus Organ Company of Bellwood, Illinois, provided additional features and capabilities for an already expansive instrument. Renovations continue under the care of Leek Pipe Organ Company of Berea, Ohio.

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