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Arts @ Holy Trinity is celebrating

its 40th Anniversary!


For four decades, Arts @ Holy Trinity has presented a wide range of musical styles and talents, attracting nationally and internationally renowned, award-winning, and award-nominated performing artists. In the past seven seasons, Arts @ Holy Trinity has provided learning opportunities that inspire, captivate, and transform students of all ages. 

During the 40th anniversary season, Arts @ Holy Trinity will present a captivating slate of award-winning and award-nominated artists.  A reception follows each concert, allowing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet each presenter.  In addition, Arts @ Holy Trinity will present three exceptional outreach events to local students and organizations.


All of our concerts are free and open to the public, and are held at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church: 50 N. Prospect Street, Akron. Doors open 30 minutes prior.  Please feel free to register to receive updates for individual concerts. 


Arts @ Holy Trinity is thrilled to present musicians from near and far to share your enthusiasm for great music for free.  But in order to continue, we need your support.  Consider giving to our 'Sponsor a Pipe' fundraiser with a donation of $40.  Click here for more information.

Finally, to commemorate this milestone, we are hosting several Special Anniversary Events throughout the concert season.  Join us in celebrating 40 years of Arts @ Holy Trinity as we make a difference in your life and transport the lives around you to new heights.  

Special Anniversary Exhibition

Join us as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Arts @ Holy Trinity!

'40 Years of Music'


September 2023 through

June 2024

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

View photographs, programs,

and other historic items showcasing amazing organ and instrumental music that audiences have enjoyed

for 40 years. 

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